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Company Background

Jostek Chemicals was established in 1995 as a division of the Jostek Group, a diversified supplier of engineering products and services.

In 2002 Jostek Chemicals was incorporated into a separate company called LogiChem Pty Ltd. The business was then relocated from Perth to a purpose-built facility in West Kalgoorlie.

We are now a highly focused supplier to the resources sector. Our primary business is processing and supplying chemicals, chemical cleaning, and the supply of heat exchanger spares. Our clients include mineral processors throughout Australia.

Our mission is to supply chemical products and services that are:

  • very effective in action (increasing process yields)
  • as convenient as possible to use
  • as safe as possible

Generally our products are supplied ready-to-use and are packaged and delivered in the format that best meets client needs.

We are investing considerable resources in further developing our capabilities as a supplier. We aim to provide a widening range of products and services in the years ahead.


Quality Policy

LogiChem operates according to a Quality Management system based on the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/ISO 9001. Every member of our team actively supports our quality targets and is conscious of the standards we aim to maintain at all times.

Quality management begins with the first client contact and continues through every stage in the development of the client-supplier relationship to ensure the final product consistently meets each client's expectations and needs.

All stages of the production process are critical to the quality of the finished job. Our aim is to ensure that each and every batch meets specification.

Our Quality Management system is designed to be dynamic and responsive to the changing environment in which we operate.


Safety Policy

LogiChem recognises that the safety of its employees and business associates are vital to its operation. The company provides all of its employees with the knowledge, equipment, and operating conditions to minimise possible risks to their health and safety.

LogiChem encourages and supports its clients in the development and maintenance of safe working practices when using our products or services.

LogiChem encourages the active involvement of all suppliers, employees and clients in the development of better safety systems.


Environmental Policy

LogiChem is committed to the protection of the environment.

Our facilities have been developed to minimise the risks of negative environmental impacts by our operations. Our chemical handling, processing, and storage facilities have been designed to exceed the requirements of the various regulatory authorities - Department of Mineral and Petroleum Resources - Explosives and Dangerous Goods Division, the Department of Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare, and the Department of Environmental Protection.

Where there is a requirement to transport Dangerous Goods this is carried out using only licensed vehicles and drivers.

We endeavour to fully utilise all raw materials entering our facility. Where there is a requirement to dispose of waste materials, this is carried out at licensed facilities in accordance with Government regulations.