An experienced and capable team is in place to provide you with an expanding range of product solutions along with unbeatable levels of service and consistent quality.

To meet the needs of our customers LogiChem has the following resources in place:

  • An array of blending and storage tanks suitable for the preparation of solutions of a range of dry and wet chemicals and chemical concentrates. Our blending facilities incorporate mixing, heating, cooling and filtration equipment to ensure effective and efficient production of quality products on a consistent basis.
  • A DG-licensed site to handle solid and liquid raw materials and finished products and on which to carry out chemical cleaning services.
  • The knowledge and experience of our workforce in all aspects of the manufacturing and handling of raw materials and finished products. Our manufacturing and logistics activities are governed by strict production procedures and operational protocols which ensure products are prepared and dispatched in a timely fashion, to the required quality specifications.
  • The ability to deliver consistent quality. To ensure the quality of its products and services LogiChem operates according to the standards fixed by ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

Our company can respond very quickly to meet changing client needs, at times providing same day turnaround on large orders of critical process reagents.

Operational and overhead costs associated with our business are kept as low as possible with procurement, product manufacture, order processing and dispatch all tightly controlled by our team.

Our location in West Kalgoorlie provides considerable freight savings to our clients in the Goldfields. LogiChem has worked very successfully with all of the main transport companies in Kalgoorlie in ensuring safe, on-time deliveries.