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Our range of services include:

  • Chemicals Sourcing
  • On-Site Dosing Systems
  • Formulation and Manufacture of Specialty Chemicals
  • Chemical Cleaning & Stainless Steel Passivation
  • Toll Blending & Repackaging
  • Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning and Regasketing


Chemicals Sourcing

Our core product range has been outlined under "products".

On many occasions we are the people our customers turn to in order to find a secure supply of a difficult-to-locate or difficult-to-handle products. Please challenge us to help you obtain any chemical you need.

Working together with our specialist suppliers LogiChem can help solve specific client problems through the formulation of special chemical blends. We achieve this starting with samples and process knowledge and then working closely with those suppliers who have the information, technology and equipment to help us achieve the required results.


On-Site Dosing Systems

We are able to provide equipment to be used on-site for the dosing of the chemicals we supply.

Only high quality components are used in the dosing rigs. All metering and monitoring equipment is enclosed in a lockable, weatherproof cabinet for greater protection and security. Sturdy frames are all hot-dip galvanised, and floors are all of web-forge construction to prevent the build-up of contaminants.

LogiChem can design and build rigs to our customer's specifications, with materials of construction ranging from stainless steel to polymers. If you would like to discuss your requirements further, please do not hesitate to contact any of our team.


Chemical Cleaning & Stainless Steel Passivation

LogiChem can perform specific types of chemical cleaning. Equipment we typically clean includes heat exchanger plates and process piping. We are able to remove gypsum, calcite and silica scale. We can accommodate small- to medium-sized equipment.

LogiChem are also licensed to purchase and use hydrofluoric acid for the purpose of passivating stainless steel welds and sheet metal.


Toll Blending & Repackaging

LogiChem has the capability to batch manufacture chemicals to client formulae and specifications. We are also able to provide advice on preparation and optimisation of client formulations. We are able to produce individual batches ranging from 200 litres to 18,000 litres.

All of our staff are full-time employees who are fully trained in handling of Dangerous Goods. Such products include toxins and corrosives such as caustic soda, phosphoric acid, lead nitrate, industrial detergents and various organic solvents.

We offer re-packaging from bulk to drums, pails or IBC's. We can also re-package from smaller to larger containers for ease of handling on your site. Our services include re-labelling and container rental or recycling.


Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning & Regasketing

LogiChem is able to clean and regasket most types of plate heat exchangers. Our regasketing service includes full dye penetrant crack testing of each plate.

We are the official Goldfields distributor for the Thornhill Gasket Company. Thornhill manufactures over 300 different types of plate heat exchanger gaskets to suit most models for APV, Alfa Laval, GEA, Sondex, Fischer, Schmidt, Vicarb, Tranter and all other major plate heat exchanger types.